International Forum on Ecology Waste Management & Recycling

Environmental issues are highly prioritized in the worldwide agenda and are also a priority theme for the Balkan Region. The countries need improvements for waste management and recycling solutions. There has started liberalization in their utility services. Investments should be made in waste and wastewater treatment companies in order to upgrade and to build new facilities to reach EU standards. The introduction of private-public partnerships in wastewater, waste and recycling sectors open new opportunities for foreign companies and consultancies. The market in these branches is in need of expertise, technology products and equipment.

The specialized international Forum of Via Expo on Ecology, Waste Management and Recycling will ensure direct business contacts with experts and decision-makers from the Region. In 2011 the event will be held from 13 to 15 April in Sofia, Bulgaria, parallel to the International Congress and Exhibition on Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency for South-East Europe.

VENUE: Sofia Bulgaria
DATE: 13-15 April 2011

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