Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies

10th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies

This conference will consist of an informative and comprehensive scientific program, featuring oral and poster presentations and a commercial exhibition. This will provide a unique opportunity to become familiar with the most recent advancements in sustainable energy technologies, as well as looking at “bold” and “unthinkable” ideas on a sound scientific-technical basis. The continuing objective of these SET conference series is to promote research and applications of the sustainable energy technologies. The specific objective of SET2011 is to situate these technologies in the context of the environmental pressure developed by growing economies still lacking technologies that fit their economic and cultural needs. The conference invites researchers, engineers, government officers and company delegates from the all fields to gather, present and share the results of their work in these areas and discuss future strategies for sustainability.

VENUE: Kumburgaz, ISTANBUL, Turkey
DATE: 4 to 7 September 2011

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